Dagny’s Ultraviolet: A Robust Collection Of Undeniable Pop Bangers

With her punchy brand of energetic indie-pop , Dagny looks set to be the latest alt-pop iteration fresh out of Scandinavia (Norway to be exact) to breach the mainstream markets. The first offering, 5-track EP Ultraviolet, has captured the backend of summer perfectly with a measured balance of youthful exuberance and wistfulness. Opening track ‘Fight Sleep’ clatters into earshot with an enticing bass line and Dagny’s seductive vocal setting the tone for the remainder of the EP. Following track ‘Ultraviolet’ again plays on Dagny’s snapshots of youth with a glistening array of synths and a dangerously infectious chorus.

Dagny’s sound has evolved quite a lot over her short but impactful career. Starting off on YouTube like so many other artists in this day and age, she leaned more towards the organics of alt-folk. With many festival and gig appearances under her belt now, Dagny’s sound has become more versatile and certainly more appealing to mainstream audiences with practice. Dagny proves her  grungy, pop credentials on ‘Fight Sleep’ and ‘Ultraviolet’ but ‘Too Young’ is more mature in its lyrics as well as its musical composition. ‘Too Young’ slows the pace right down as Dagny laments over a relationship that’s lost its spark. It also provides an apt moment for her to test her range, with her vocal soaring at the close of the track.

Penultimate track makes the best of Ultraviolet‘s dual personality. Dagny’s voice is controlled throughout, but her backing vocals, the pace of percussion and the sun-drenched guitar transform a fairly simple production into an undeniably, summery banger. But like any EP worth its salt, Ultraviolet ends on the highest of highs with ‘Fool’s Gold’, satisfying the listener but leaving them yearning for more. Built on a foundation of resonant piano and a stack of intricate melodies, featuring BØRNS on guest vocals, Dagny’s pained delivery provides the EP with its most affecting chorus. Ultraviolet is an extremely promising start for Dagny and an exciting indication of what’s to come with her increasingly-anticipated full-length release.


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