Laura Marling Returns with New Single ‘Soothing’, Announces Sixth Album Semper Femina

Typically, Laura Marling has stuck strictly to acoustic folk, imbued with a translucent, poetic quality. It only feeds the listener’s curiosity more with each release- the upcoming Semper Femina is her sixth album and anticipation is stronger than ever.

But the album’s first single, ‘Soothing’, has moved away from Marling’s well-practiced, and consistently successful formula for wispy folk, delving into a stream of unconventional pop. A quivering bass line and the brush of minimalist percussion beckon the listener closer, as does the intimacy of Marling’s gentle warble. ‘Soothing’ is a cautious exploration, never quite expanding on its seemingly simple composition, only threatening to do so in fleeting moments of chaos brought on by a graceful orchestral section. It’s a track that reveals little about Semper Femina‘s entirety but does just enough to continue wetting the curiosity.


Semper Femina will be released on March 10th and Laura Marling will be touring the album across nine UK dates in March 2017.

Image courtesy of FADER

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