London Grammar Mark their Return with New Track ‘Rooting For You’

It’s been four years since atmospheric indie trio London Grammar released their debut album If You Wait. The British band’s brand of taut balladry suggested an act accomplished beyond their years- London Grammar had only been together a year before they released If You Wait. But finally, just as we’ve entered a new year, London Grammar have treated us to one of 2017’s first big announcements with their new single ‘Rooting For You’.

Similarly to some of their most memorable tracks, the pinnacle is reached slowly and carefully, with layers building to a resonant conclusion. Hannah Reid’s deep, echoing vocal makes for a supreme introduction, supported minimally by a reserved guitar line. Restraint is the true measure of London Grammar’s quality here. Reid’s vocal range shows its capability once more, stretching from Florence Welsh-esque croons to falsetto warbling without wandering into an overwrought demonstration of strength. The smooth addition of an orchestra halfway through helps to match Reid’s control, furthering the track’s poignancy in the process. ‘Rooting For You’ doesn’t experiment too much with the style of If You Wait– it feels more like a reinforcement of that patience. The power is retained without turning to melodrama and yet the notion that London Grammar could release something much more active and turbulent remains to be a tension that works in their favour.


Image courtesy of Consequence of Sound

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