Ryan Adams Shares New Track ‘Doomsday’

If previous singles ‘Do You Still Love Me?’ and ‘To Be Without You’ dealt with hopefulness and acceptance, the latest track to be taken from Ryan Adams’ upcoming album Prisoner settles for somewhere in between. ‘Doomsday’ finds Adams in a resilient mood, as he professes an undying love for his now ex-wife Mandy Moore: ‘I could wait a thousand years, my love/I’d wait for you/I could stand in just one place, my love/And never move’.

Around these powerful declarations Adams constructs a solid ’80s ballad. The abrupt reverb on the drums really pushes Adams’ heartfelt message forward, with the track anchored by both a Springsteenesque riff and rich folk guitar. The track begins with a forlorn harmonica line that returns at pivotal moments throughout; its inclusion really gives ‘Doomsday’s’ earthy, heartland rock flavour some punch. Between this and the first two offerings from Prisoner, Adams looks to have realigned himself with the sincerity and grit of his debut album Heartbreaker. ‘Doomsday’ musters that strength and honesty in the execution of its story. Here, the narrative takes precedence, with Adams’ anthemic composition serving as an inflation of emotion rather than the primary pull. Crucially, like any singer-songwriter worth their salt, the hook doesn’t get in the way of its arresting tale.


Image courtesy of Pitchfork

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