Katy Perry’s ‘Bon Appetit’ Might Just Make You Lose Your Appetite

Katy Perry’s ‘Bon Appetit’ will probably leave you with conflicted feelings. Let’s start with the positives; first of all, Perry enlists songwriter/producer to the stars Max Martin for the composition and it ultimately pays off. Martin re-purposes the modest synth structure of Perry’s off-kilter house hit ‘Dark Horse’ on ‘Bon Appetit’, with the instrumentation taking a backseat to Perry’s far-from-subtle lyricism. And that’s where the track falls down; Perry’s armoury of double entendres are enough to make you lose your appetite.

‘Got me spread like a buffet’. ‘I’m on the menu’. ‘Melt in your mouth kind of ‘lovin’. TheseĀ are just a few of the lines that actually appear in the song. You would think that Perry was striving for one-liners worthy of a dreadfully uninspiring restaurant chain ad campaign, not chart-topping pop fodder. And it’s frustrating too; Max Martin’s sweetly brittle disco beat and a rap feature from Migos alongside Perry’s usually solid pop machine should be a recipe for success. But somewhere along the line Perry got her measurements horribly wrong.


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