Gabriel Gassi is a Pop Polyglot on ‘Heartbreaker’

Earlier this year, Vendor managed to secure an interview with the promising Swedish musician Gabriel Gassi, who revealed a lot about his various influences and approach in production. But more importantly, Gassi confirmed that there was more new music on the way. Thus far, Gassi’s output has been minimal (until now the impressive ‘Street Phone’ was his only entry on Spotify), but his latest track is sure to soothe his fanbase’s demands.

‘Heartbreaker’ is much in the vein of ‘Street Phone’; nods to dancehall in the perfumed beat and the disaffected vocal akin to peak sadcore Drake. But touches of Spanish guitar and several jostling harmonies show an expansion in Gassi’s armoury since we last heard from him. Top that with the crowning element of a melancholic topic wrapped in an infectious hook and you can see that Gassi is one to pay attention to pop trend. Gassi’s output may be sparse, but you can’t deny that his delivery is consistently impressive.


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