Dagny Wears her Heart on her Sleeve on ‘Wearing Nothing’

According to Dagny, the best way to follow up a positively exultant, and well-received debut EP is to strip everything back. The Scandinavian songstress has kicked off her 2017 with ‘Wearing Nothing’, another enticing slice of Scandi indie-pop. But ‘Wearing Nothing’ is not as lewd as the racy title suggests. As Dagny reveals, her latest single is ‘about wanting to be completely bare with someone and be as close as possible both emotionally and physically even to the point where a piece of clothing feels like too much in-between.’

Dagny’s previous efforts have always pushed euphoric, heart on your sleeve declarations of emotion, but they’ve always been tinged with a sense of pensiveness and restraint. That energy boils over via the atmospheric echo of the track’s bassline and the wet slap of percussion and Dagny’s alluring vocal is once more the stimulus that ties everything together. Dagny is beginning to string together an impressive set of tracks but the big test now lies in a full-length offering. If ‘Wearing Nothing’ is anything to go by, a successful debut album should be pretty simple for the Norwegian starlet.


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