Carly Rae Jepsen has No Time for Excuses on ‘Cut to the Feeling’

Off the back of some ascending Nintendo-style ‘level up’ synths, we’re sharply injected into the marvellous high of Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest track ‘Cut to the Feeling’. The new song is a supposed offcut from her last album E•MO•TION but it has found a new life as part of the new kids’ movie Leap‘s soundtrack. After her last album went rather unfairly under the pop radar, you’d think that Jepsen might’ve tried a new approach rather than retreading old tropes but ‘Cut to the Feeling’ only sharpens the sensational bombast that Jepsen has made a cornerstone of her work.

Jepsen’s exploration of sense rather than self is a welcomed theory in our current landscape where pop is awash with stars sharing their personal anguish in the face of societal uncertainty. Rather inversely, Jepsen’s intense description of sensation makes her work more inclusive in the sense that it can be tailored to fit any listener’s own experience. ‘Cut to the Feeling’ is as brash and lurid as Jepsen can possibly be as her voice threatens to crack under the pressure of elation. ‘Take me to emotion/I want to go all the way,’ sings Jepsen. With ‘Cut to the Feeling’, she’s already taken us there.


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