Alvvays Offer an Alternative Summer Anthem with ‘In Undertow’

Alvvays’ debut album possessed this momentary quality, seemingly ready to dissolve in a haze of poppy, burnt-out distortion at a moment’s notice. So as summer creeps into view, it only seems apt that Alvvays should make their welcomed return with ‘In Undertow’, the first single off their sophomore albumĀ Antisocialites.

‘In Undertow’, despite its obvious sunlit fluorescence, exists in the final days of summer when the heat has dissipated as lead singer Molly Rankin recalls a relationship that has unspooled with no hope of redemption. ‘There’s no turning back after what’s been said,’ she sings dejectedly. In the three years since we last heard from them, Alvvays haven’t lost their edge; amidst the blurred horizons and the deafening bedrock of sadcore, there’s infinite uplift on ‘In Undertow’. ‘What’s left for you and me?’ asks Rankin. Even in blatant uncertainty, Alvvays sound like they still have all the answers.


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