London Grammar: Truth Is A Beautiful Thing Review – Sleepy, Vacuous Indie-Electronica

All summer music is weekend ready but that does not necessarily mean that all summer music is born the same. Everyone looks for the ultimate anthem, the one song that will dominate the airwaves as the temperatures rise. This is your Saturday night song. But when the sun rises on the following Sunday and everyone’s heads are a little worse for wear, bands like London Grammar provide the soothing, spacious backdrop for your recuperation. For many acts this may sound like a compliment but in this case it’s not. London Grammar’s debut album If You Wait explored the same vacant spaces, partially filling them with sonic reverb and angsty, but considerate instrumentation.

On their follow-up Truth Is A Beautiful Thing, London Grammar retreat safely into that same space, making it even more empty in the process. There’s very little that rouses like ‘Hey Now’, ‘Strong’ and ‘Wasting My Young Years’ even though vocalist Hannah Reid has maintained her Florence Welsh/Sia powerhouse crossbreed. ‘Leave the War With Me’ and ‘Non Believer’ are the highlights here, with the harmony layering and Hannah Reid’s restraint amidst powerful tides of emotion showing glimmers of that initial promise. But besides that, there’s very little to suggest that London Grammar have developed their ruminative indie-electronica into something a little more punchy. Everyone needs a Sunday chillout sesh every now and then but after listening to Truth Is A Beautiful Thing you’ll find it very difficult to motivate yourself for the Monday that follows.


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