Listen To This: Alvvays

Alvvays, (pronounced ‘always’, not ‘all-vays’) may seem like a deliberately divergent typographic, bordering on pretentious, but one- the band name Always is already taken by a long-forgotten, English indie-pop band, and two- the ‘w’ divided into two broken ‘v’s’ makes complete sense knowing the band’s proclivity for angst, adolescent crisis and detachment.

Straight out of Toronto, Alvvays don’t look like they should be pedalling music for the introverted, ‘Netflix & Chill’ generation but more for the mainstream. Lead singer Molly Rankin, a striking blonde worthy of Californian beaches, looks set for a life gazing outwards from the covers of glossy magazines- instead she looks destined to be operating in the upper echelons of indie-pop, with her hypnotic lament offering the biggest appeal in Alvvay’s grubby surf-rock.


Alvvays are still new to the music business, but their lyrics suggest a maturity that only bands of experience tend to produce. ‘So honey take me by the hand so we can sign some papers/Forget the invitations floral arrangements and bread makers’ pleads Rankin on ‘Archie, Marry Me’, the band’s standout track. To juxtapose the substantiality of love with the banality of floral arrangements and bread makers, the oddities in the union of marriage, so perfectly is a skill in song writing that few possess or ever learn to incorporate into their songs. In addition, the track’s killer chorus, shows the band’s knack for skewering the coveted pop song chorus with their indie-rock sensibility.

The band’s synonymous debut EP waits until its finale track before it reveals the potential for Alvvay’s longevity. ‘Red Planet’s’ underlying layer of slow percussion and cosmic synths slows the pace considerably whilst Rankin unveils a tale of unrequited love, identity and obsession. It’s an indicator of the space Alvvays can inhabit in the future. With the first album being released in 2014, expect new material soon. Alvvays will certainly be worth keeping an eye on; it’s very rare to find listenable indie-pop with such depth.

Buy Alvvays’ debut album here

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