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It Review – Cinematic Gloss and Existential Horror

Tim Curry’s haunting portrayal of the metamorphic dancing clown, Pennywise, set an impossibly high bar in Tommy Lee Wallace’s 1990 adaptation of Stephen King’s cult horror novel It. Even now, Curry’s Pennywise is still Continue reading It Review – Cinematic Gloss and Existential Horror


“The time is twelve ‘o’ clock in the am! That’s right folks, time to lock your doors, board up your windows, sharpen those swords and lock and load. Strap yourself in tightly, it’s going to be one hell of a night!”
The upbeat radio broadcast did little to calm my nerves, on this the most dangerous day of the year. In my vast experience of past October onslaughts, I had over a period of years devised a system that worked for me. First and foremost, I don’t go outside for anyone. If you’re unfortunate enough to be outside when the clock strikes twelve, you need to learn to be more time conscious. Continue reading Samhain