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The elevator music was killing me. They installed a small speaker  five years ago without any warning. It would pump out noise. Not music, just noise. I preferred the classics but more than that I preferred the silence. I’d managed to cope with it over time.
I enjoyed the control. I’d twisted that golden limb a thousand times for the best part of three decades and even when they told me where we were going, I’d always have the final say on where and when we stopped. Continue reading Co-operator


“The time is twelve ‘o’ clock in the am! That’s right folks, time to lock your doors, board up your windows, sharpen those swords and lock and load. Strap yourself in tightly, it’s going to be one hell of a night!”
The upbeat radio broadcast did little to calm my nerves, on this the most dangerous day of the year. In my vast experience of past October onslaughts, I had over a period of years devised a system that worked for me. First and foremost, I don’t go outside for anyone. If you’re unfortunate enough to be outside when the clock strikes twelve, you need to learn to be more time conscious. Continue reading Samhain

The California Reverie

After reading Thomas Pynchon’s ‘Inherent Vice’ and watching its film adaptation by acclaimed director Paul Thomas Anderson, I felt inspired to write something in homage to this wonderful piece of art. The use of an epic poetry form seemed appropriate as it allowed me to parallel the disjointed nature of ‘Inherent Vice’.

The hopeless saunter along sprawling beaches
Vice fogs the memory of this crippled town
As you dip in and out of consciousness. Continue reading The California Reverie

The Stalker

She switches off the lights and enters the bedroom. She closes the curtains as the dark begins to seep in. The hum of an engine in the distance makes me cautious; I duck behind a couple of bushes and I pull my hood up. The police car drives past slowly and I glance over at the house. The living room light is on. I wait with baited breath, knowing she’ll re-emerge from the house to go for her evening run. Just like she always does. Continue reading The Stalker