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It Review – Cinematic Gloss and Existential Horror

Tim Curry’s haunting portrayal of the metamorphic dancing clown, Pennywise, set an impossibly high bar in Tommy Lee Wallace’s 1990 adaptation of Stephen King’s cult horror novel It. Even now, Curry’s Pennywise is still Continue reading It Review – Cinematic Gloss and Existential Horror

The Stalker

She switches off the lights and enters the bedroom. She closes the curtains as the dark begins to seep in. The hum of an engine in the distance makes me cautious; I duck behind a couple of bushes and I pull my hood up. The police car drives past slowly and I glance over at the house. The living room light is on. I wait with baited breath, knowing she’ll re-emerge from the house to go for her evening run. Just like she always does. Continue reading The Stalker